Genset Perkins

Original Perkins Series Gensets

Range of Standard Generator Set P10E to P2200E


Powered by original Perkins engine, it enjoys high stability, reliability, durability and long life with a wide range of power output. It is widely used in the area of communication, industry, projects, mining, rescuing, military and so on. The series of 400, 1100, 1300, 2000, 4000 diesel engines are manufactured by UK Perkins or its subordinate factory according to global quality standards. The global service net of Super watt and Perkins can provide our customers with reliable and guaranteed service.

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Specification of Genset Perkins

*Spesifikasi genset

Genset Perkins 1

Genset Perkins 1

Genset Perkins 2

Genset Perkins 2

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